Artful furniture painting

DSCF1011DSCF1012My latest paint project is finishing a stool. My son Nathan build it for me for my Christmas present. I asked him to design it after an antique shaker piece that I had seen.

What I love about this design is that you don’t have to bend over every time you need to move the stool. And being 5’2″, I need to use a stool pretty often. The tall handle with a hole also makes it possible to hang the stool from a shaker peg.

For this faux finish I am painting three colors of paint: an ochre base color, a light gray, and a white. Continue reading

Moving around day in my studio

DSCF1038Today I must be in a Spring cleaning sort of head space, as I want to rip apart my studio and start afresh. After being in this space for almost a year, I liked many things about my current arrangement, but I felt as though my space was not being utilized to its potential. Besides,I think it’s fun to try something new! Continue reading

Shabby hooked rugs inspire me, how chic!

I started to collect vintage hooked rugs 10 or so years ago. Unlike many collectors I was not looking for rugs of great value, but what drew me to aquire a rug was purely love. If I loved the colors or the design. And being on a limited budget Continue reading