Keeping a record of your work with a journalling tag

I love to be organized and I had fun making these wool tags to journal my completed rug design. I have been meaning to keep a record of my wools, but never had an inspiration for compiling them. A while ago I coffee stained a batch of large tags, and thought that they would be the perfect backdrop for stapling my wools. I used small 1″ X 2″ or so pieces of wool. For this rug I used 4 tags and stapled them in tiers on one side of each tag. Continue reading

Vintage postcards inspired me to craft some tags

I love old handwriting! It is truly a lost art that is evident in letters of yesteryear. I especially am taken with the old postcards with the added cancelled stamps and time-worn textures. I came across a collections of these that had such an artistic quality to them, that I printed color copies of them to make into tags to be a free gift for you. Continue reading