Just a word from the powers that be, namely the US Postal Service. There is still time to make last-minute Christmas purchases and still have them delivered by Priority and First Class Mail. USPS says that the cut off date is December 20th.

Queen Bee Pillow pattern on Etsy

Buy a pattern for someone who loves to rug hook. SEE THEM HERE ON ETSY

And there still may be time to hook or punchneedle a small gift in time also. Check out my instant downloadable patterns and start hooking today. Many to choose from! SEE THEM HERE ON ETSY

Birdhouse PDF patterns for rug hooking or punchneedle embroidery


Botanical Hearts PDF patterns


Raggedy Ann Flower Pin PDF patterns, really fast to make


Owl Babies PDF patterns, small treasures for all ages


Flow Blue Teapots PDF patterns, make one to give, one to keep. Also would be lovely in red and white.


Itty Bitty In The Garden PDF pattern

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope that this holiday season has been a creative time for you.

Be peaceful and be well ~ Karen


6 thoughts on “Mailorders

  1. I have recently started using a Rug Crafters tool after reading about you and yours on this blog. I love your blog and hope you post some more! I do not know what kind of lubricant to use on this tool. It did not come with any (I bought it on ebay). I also wonder if there are more needle sizes. Any suggestions for proper lubricants would be so appreciated as well as more tutorials or blogs about how you use yours.
    Thank You!


    • hi amanda! thanks for you comment today. how fun that you are interested in the tufting tool. the lubricant is vaseline. use sparingly as it collects wool dust. you can always wipe it off and redo when needed. there are two attachments. the rug attachment and a tapestry attachment for lighter weight yarns.


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