Staying Neutral

This month I have a lot of great colors available on Etsy, and I wanted to talk a bit about the use of neutrals in a design. To see my Etsy wool click here.

This is a close up of my rug design Jane Austen. Even though the border seems to be all colorful selections, it is really made up of 80% – 90% neutral colors. Beige, tan, browns, grays, taupes and antique whites. The basket look like it is gold, but it is actually shades of camel and tan with a hint of grayed down blue.

The red flowers are the “colors” in this rug. That means that approximately 90-95% of the wool needed was a neutral color.

Spring is Here is another example of a design that is 95% neutrals. And the soft red colors are very muted. What makes them look colorful is that they are the most colorful wools used. Throw a too saturated color in the design, and the rest of the colors look blah, and your eye goes right to the bright color instead at looking at the birds and all the flowers.

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Here are some other details that show you how key a role neutrals play in every part of a design. I find it important to have all values and temperatures of neutrals in my stash. That means, neutrals from the lightest light to the darkest dark, in everything sort of gray, to taupe, to brown, to russet, to pumpkin, to rust, to camel, to tan, to khaki, to blue-gray. Then I also consider having choices of solid and textures. Much more often the color that I really need is a neutral rather than a more saturated color. So next time when you are thinking yellow, consider trying a camel or golden brown instead.

Have a creative day ~ Karen



August Words

Summertime is still in its glory here in Oregon. I know I have not posted in a long while. And I miss our connection here on my blog. Thank you for checking in on me. I have just posted a bunch of wool on my ETSY shop you can see by clicking here.

I like to keep this place we share as a time to talk craftsy thing. But lately I have had so many health challenges that I just could not post. I really did not want to make this into my health blog. But the time has come and I did want to share a bit of what I have been experiencing, because I think that there is a unspoken epidemic happening across the nation. Many folks like me are living in quiet misery and have discovered that doctors don’t seem to have any answers and cures. Maybe a label, but no hope otherwise. And I mean many, many doctors visits to all kinds of practitioners over many years of searching.

I am talking about digestive health, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia. And family and friends are fed up with us because we look absolutely fine. But WE know we are not fine. We feel like we are watching the rest of the world carrying on all around us, but we are not living our lives. We are desperately looking for answers.

This is a long story that spans the years of my rug hooking business. I pushed through sickness as I could but I just got worse until I could not travel at all. What I want to share is that I have found some answers for myself that might help you if you are also suffering.

I discovered that what you put into your body, will either make your suffer or heal you. For me (and many others) what causes suffering is: gluten and grains, dairy, processed sugar, soy, caffeine, alcohol, corn, canola, and processed foods. Fresh, whole foods, meats, vegetables, and fruit are healing me. Truly, let thy food by thy medicine. This point can not be stressed enough.

I discovered that because I could not digest foods, my body was not getting the nutrition it needed. I was getting depleted in amino acids, such as GABA and seritonin. So along comes anxiety and insomnia. I just started supplementing with GABA and L-tryptophan and I feel like a new person. And this happened quite rapidly! Read Trudy Scott’s book The Antianxiety Food Solution to get answers and hands on help for your suffering. You can learn so much just by reading her blog here. Help is on the way!

I learned that we don’t live in the same world that our parents and grand parents grew up in. We are the processed food generation living in a world bombarded with toxins on a daily basis. This is not an exaggeration. If you have been diagnosed with one of many mystery illnesses, there is hope. You will need to become your own health advocate and take your health seriously. You can do it. I found hope and answers here:

Coffee Enema: The Detox and Bile Flow Superstar

Thank you for reading this. Please share it with others you know who are searching for help.

I also wanted to share with you that I have dived back into painting. I am finding that it has become a part of my healing, as it reveals to me what is going on below the surface.

And what is below the surface is the soul. Who I really am. The eternal part of Karen.

I am blessed to have you visit today ~ Karen

A Friday Wool alert

Just listing new wool for sale today in my Etsy shop. You are the first to know. Here is the link: Wool at Primitive Spirit’s Etsy Shop

Check it out! Choose how many from the drop down menu.

And if you need a little weekend project, visit my PDF instant downloadable pattern section. You can order a pattern and print it out at checkout. Print it at home and start hooking or punchneedle-ing.

Have a creative weekend ~ Karen


Time to explore what Spring has to offer. Check out my new wool offerings on Etsy by clicking here.

Dust off that project and add some new April energy to it. Time to come out to play. Venture out. Be beautiful and adventurous. Who knows what Spring can do!

Have a creative day ~ Karen

See the PDF instant downloadable pattern for the hooked and prodded bird and nest. This pattern also comes with an added punchneedle embroidery size.

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