Snow in the forcast?


Remember my post in November 2012 about ice dyeing?

I talked about using dye powders over ice cubes to dye wool yardage. You can revisit that post by clicking HERE. A recent commenter reminded me of it, and asked about using snow instead of ice. That is definitely an option! Since here in Oregon we rarely get snow, I have not played with snow dyeing. But if you’ve got snow you could use that for a fun dye session.


What I would do is place a layer of snow over your scrunched up wool as directed in my post, and sprinkle dye powders over it. How much snow to use? I would try 1/2″ or so. Then give the snow and dyes time to melt and move around on their own. I am thinking that snow will melt much faster than ice, so give it a bit of time before adding any heat.


After it is melted, turn up the temperature to simmer and set the color. What comes out should be a lovely varied colored wool that may exceed your expectations!


So if the snow is coming down, grab your dyes and create some colorful wool. You just might want to make another batch after that one is done.

cottageI continue to list my rug hooking patterns on my Etsy shop, and I also have been hooking. I am revamping one of my old patterns to re-introduce in the Spring. It is so lovely to be immersed in wool, and is the perfect winter cure for me. More on that later!

Have a creative day ~ Karen

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