Color is back!

color wheel

I am restocking the Interior Design Color Wheel in my Etsy shop, and am taking pre-orders for it now. They will be here early next week to fill any orders. If you haven’t seen this color wheel before, it is a particularly nice one. Most color wheels deal with saturated colors that really don’t reflect the colors that I work with in my rug hooking. This diminishes their usefulness to me, as the colors don’t excite me or relate to my wool colors. The Interior Design Color Wheel has softer colors and more tints. So when I refer to it I can see real color possibilities for my design.

For more info click HERE.

Thanks for joining me today. June brings renewed energy, so I am off to organize my studio to make way for something new!

Have a great day ~ Karen

2 thoughts on “Color is back!

  1. Hi there! I would like to pre-order the color wheel. Can I call with a cc or mail a check?

    Gloria Sent from my iPhone



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