Mercury glass is the new silver

silver ball

Lately I have become fascinated by mercury glass and old tarnished silver so at Christmastime I started a small collection.

mercury glass

This ornament looks old, but it was a new purchase from TJMaxx Homegoods. I thought that it was too pretty to put away.

I do love the many lovely shades of grey and taupe, so it is no wonder that this new collection has taken my fancy.

silver shelf

Yes, I have given in to collect another thing. Even so it strikes me as strange that I hadn’t always wanted to display old silver things.

silver top shelf

I am not interested in bright and shiny silver — it has to be worn and tarnished. I also love stainless steel that is encrusted with rust.


And then there is old mercury glass! I love that even more than silver! Many reproductions are available now. I have even played around with making a few pieces, like this small milk bottle. I found a few tutorials online and did some experimenting with mirror spray paint applied to the inside of the glass jar, spraying a bit of vinegar water along with the paint to get a more mottled look.

silver key

A project best suited to doing outside where you won’t get overcome with paint fumes.

Here are my favorite inspiring tutorials for making your own mercury glass:

Rainy and cold though our Oregon winter has been, I am embracing the grey!

Thanks for stopping by ~ have a creative day — Karen

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