New in the blog and on Etsy

If you look above you will see that my blog menu bar has two new additions. I now have new pages for tutorials and free patterns.

So now when you want to browse through my blog and find a pattern or a hint, all you need to do is click on the menu bar. Take a look now to see what you can find.

The weather has had some breaks from all of our rain here in Oregon, and I took those moments to do a photo shoot of a few products. I had some fun with staging things in among blossoms and the new Spring growth. Find all of them in my Etsy shop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I continue to dye new wools for the shop and will be listing them as they are photographed, labelled, and description written. So far many of them are neutrals which are some of the most valuable assets in any stash. Here’s a hint from my experience: I go through far more neutral colors than any ‘color’ on my wool shelves. That’s my word of wisdom for the day.

As I see the season building, my ‘to do’ list is growing along with it! Is that happening for you too? I bet you are busy too, so I thank you for stopping by as I am happy to be a part of your day.

Take some inspiration along with you today ~ Karen


8 thoughts on “New in the blog and on Etsy

  1. Hi Karen,
    Love your pics & hearing from you. Your brother Freddie visited us last week. Wonderful to see him. Love you web site. Hugs, Aunt Carol


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