Jute + Crochet = Fun Bag

DSCF1006A week later and I have made another crochet bag. Often one is not enough! Since I have been using leftover linen and cotton yarns, I still had plenty to play with. For this bag I wanted a stiffer tote that would stand up  and not collapse as much. To this end, I made 3 major changes to the bag design. Instead of double crochet, I used sturdier single crochet. I did not stop and start each row which makes a complete circle, instead I used a spiral. I chose the spiral so that I could crochet over a jute twine.DSCF1004

Single crochet is much slower going, and this bag probably took twice as long to create than the double crochet original in my former posts. By the way the original pattern link is HERE on Lucy of Attic24’s blog. Thank you Lucy for spreading the joy!

me and bagWhen I crocheted to the height I wanted for the bag, I cut the jute twine, and continued the handles without the jute core. I wanted the handles to be floppy and softer on my shoulder.

bag and iDSCF1042This bag is great for grocery shopping or toting my fiber projects. It’s a fun bag that goes with everything and adds color to my wardrobe.

By the way I am wearing my hand knitted Liesl from Cocoknits (click here) that I made in natural linen over my bloomers and tunic. I love how it adds something special to my other linen clothes.


I am thinking of making another bag like this one — yes, I still have yarn left! — tall and less wide and with irregular changes in color. Rob suggested that I make a rectangular bag that will fit in our bike baskets. What do you think?

If you haven’t crocheted before, pick up a hook and get an online tutorial and try it. It just could become your new favorite thing!

Have a creative day ~ Karen


26 thoughts on “Jute + Crochet = Fun Bag

  1. Love it all Karen! I finished my first Liesl (my hands are stiff, as I also have another in the works!). But……I’m not happy with the neckline of the first one. It’s a bit too high. Did you follow the pattern exactly? I’m thinking maybe I didn’t knit the straps long enough, or is it a situation where I should have knit less from the armholes up to the neckline. Sorry for the lengthy question…. Anyway, I’m thinking of ripping down to the armholes. It’s a pretty quick knit up from there. Have a lovely weekend!


  2. Hi Karen,
    Wonderful bag! Love the idea of the jute to add stiffness. Sometimes you are right, one bag is just not enough! I’m glad you pointed out that you were wearing the “Liesel”, that pattern is on my list which is growing…n growing…n growing. I need to stop looking at all these wonderful blogs with great ideas!!!!

    Thanks again Karen and Happy Spring!


  3. I don’t crochet but have crocheted the edge of one rug. If I tackle this purse would you recommend the double or single crochet for a complete novice?


    • the double crochet. it will go a lot faster. for the single crochet bag i fudged the increases as i went, so i think it would be better if you followed the directions for the original design. double crochet is just another step added onto the basic stitch. enjoy your project and let me know how it goes for you.


  4. I am in the same mode of pulling out other creative things I put aside for my beloved rug hooking. It is like meeting with an old friend! Will get the crochet hook out and do a bag with a basket of all my left overs! Thanks Karen


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