Tis the season for owl babies

owlsJust in time for Christmas, customer Jane Gladden emailed some photos of her recent project. She hooked a basket filled with my Owl Babies. Looks like they were destined for a gift, just waiting their turn to be hugged and admired.

owls shortAs a designer, I am always looking for ways to make rug hooking into more than simply rugs. And the Owl Babies were my tiny critter, stuffed toy, mini pillow, or holiday ornament answer. They come in a paper pattern set of 3 designs so you can make lots of them to give as gifts. But beware! You may not be able to part with them as they look out at you with their imploring owl eyes, and make you love each one!

Make a bit of time to indulge your creative habits this holiday. Pull a light over to your comfy chair with your favorite holiday drink nearby, and relax for a while with your knitting, hooking, crocheting, cross stitch, quilting, or fill in the blank! A holiday moment can be for you too.

Cheers ~ Karen

For a limited time you can buy the Owl Babies paper pattern set here
for $10 + $1.00 s+h, for US addresses only.
Just click on the Buy Now button below, and you can purchase on a secure form with Paypal, or be given the option at the bottom of the page to use a credit or debit card.


17 thoughts on “Tis the season for owl babies

  1. All the best to you and your families-human-feathered-hairy-scarey-wooly and all!
    Thanks for the inspiration and surprises in your blogs. i always look forward to temptations from Karen.


  2. Merry Christmas, Karen. I ordered the pattern and can’t wait to make some for my daughter Ashley who LOVES owls (I do too! We have one that sits in a large Sycamore by our house)


  3. Merry Chrustmas Karen!! Love your owls. I have those patterns that you were kind enough to include them in an order I did several years ago!! Now about that comfy chair!!! I wish I could do that right now but no way!!! But boy, when January rolls around I will be doing that!! Can’t wait!!!! Thanks for all your inspiration and great Blog!!! Happy New Year!!!!!


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