September is such a lovely month, so why am I losing my mind?

woman with necklaceI have not been posting much this month. September is more of a transitional month than I realized and I have been trying to keep up with my great expectations.

The summer is rapidly coming to a close and my “to do” list has become more of a book than a list. I have been scrambling to get things done.  First of all the garden calls. There’s harvesting vegetables, putting things up for the winter, cooking our harvest so that things don’t go to waste, and giving away what we can’t use.

Two rug hooking events are happening in October that I am preparing for. So I have been dyeing wool and creating class materials.

Did I mention that we have another little building project in the backyard? My husband’s shop. Very distracting to say the least.

I have also been crafting in between all of this. Kind of in a disorderly + manic fashion, grasping at what time there is left.

Consequently little piles have sprung up everywhere. I have fallen off the organizational bandwagon. So sad. But I must ignore them for a little while. I am pretending not to notice them. I admit that I do see them out of the corner of my eye. Drat.

So forgive me for not having photos and inspiring projects for you today. The best I can do is share this with you. And besides, I have a sneaking suspicion that you may be in the same boat as me. Yes?

Have a creative day even if it is messy ~ Karen

13 thoughts on “September is such a lovely month, so why am I losing my mind?

  1. Love your honesty. If I were at your house this morning, I would want to see and hear about everything you have going on, all those works in progress, and celebrate that this couple of weeks is always for wrapping up one season and starting on the next. I hope I never see another plum tomato as long as I live.


  2. No Worries….Be Happy! We like you no matter what is posted especially the fact on how honest you are with us. You didn’t have to share with us that you are human and a multi-tasker We have messes too, that’s what makes us fun! Have a wonderful day and chill! It’s ok.


  3. My dearest friend Joyce gave me a great tip: do a little of this and a little of that & before you know it, you’re caught up without being overwhelmed. I’m much happier using her method, plus some days time seems to extend itself so I can accomplish more. Works best if some of that time is used for fun;)


  4. Oh yes, the loveliness of September is all around. So is the busy-ness that comes with fall school projects and the start of the holiday season. I feel you pain Karen. Don’t feel stressed to post if you’re overloaded…we can be patient!


  5. You have the most cozy place ever and I did not see any clutter! Just beautiful creativeness ( is that a word??) I have been enjoying your blogs and your gentle way of allowing your readers to become energized into exploring the beauty around us. So just take a breath, and know that yes…..other’s are indeed in the same boat 🙂 I so appreciate that you share your knowledge so freely. Thank you!


  6. Karen, there is a positive upside to all of this. Our lives are so full. We are women who are never going to be bored. We will never be sitting in a chair, glassy-eyed, staring at the wall wondering what to do . . . that you have a long to do list is a blessing.


  7. thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and taking the time to commiserate with me. i can see that i am in good company! i truly will never be bored, and that is the way i like it. i shutter to think otherwise!


  8. Life is what is happening while we make other plans! You are inspiring because you Do things, Make things, and Communicate. All these are the signs of a creative person with vision. You have a great life that so many others would love to have. I think most of us are running around gathering our nuts up before the winter.


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