Sharing with you some new patterns for 2015

jane austen on floorNew Primitive Spirit rug hooking patterns are emerging for 2015 on ETSY!

The first design is on my studio floor. I gave you some sneak peeks of it as I was hooking, and today I am excited to show you it completed!

jane austen new floor shot

This design is called “Jane Austen” and it is 29″ X 45″, a primitive floral with a mosaic border. Named after the author and her namesake rose, it is unabashedly romantic.

jane austen zoom

The soft colored center floral was a pleasure to hook, made easier by using my tried and true color combinations of soft oyster greens, muted reds, and warm browns and olives. I was hooking in my comfort zone which is so wonderful to do. Notice the little zings of lavender in the thorns and leaf veins? I just felt that they made all the reds and greens and warm browns somehow more alive.

jane austen vase

Then came the challenge of the mosaic border! Let me tell you first off, that it is not a random hodgepodge of color. It is quite thought out. And even with that, at first my colors were too varied and some were too bright, so that the border stole center stage from my main motifs. so after completely hooking one side, I took a break from hooking and just stared at what I had done for quite some time. I tried to see which of the lines of colors in the mosaic were really distracting and pulling my eye away from the flowers. I pulled out the suspects, doing it a little at a time, and replaced them with more neutral choices or other soft colors. Then I looked again, repeating this process until I liked it. I knew I hit upon the right mixture when my eye naturally was drawn to the flowers, and the mosaic complemented it as secondary interest.

Then I kept working on the mosaic until it was complete. I made more adjustments at the end, as that is when I always do a little fine tuning. I must say that it came out like a dream, and I am so happy with the overall effect that the mosaic has on the design.

The Jane Austen pattern is now ready to mail out at primitive spirit’s etsy shop and you can click on those words to go to the shop odd flower Z1 blogand see it as well as the other 2 new pattern listings that are ready to order.

Great to share my work with you. I am hoping that you too are having a creative winter, exploring your favorite crafts and inspiration dream books.

Thanks for joining me here today ~ Karen

“The thing about creativity is, people are going to laugh at it. Get over it.” ~Twyla Tharp


14 thoughts on “Sharing with you some new patterns for 2015

  1. Karen,

    I am new to your blog and find you so inspiring! I never imagined myself knitting up a red scarf – me always the neutrals-until I saw your linen stitch beauty, and now need to make myself one!

    I am in love-truly-with this Gorgeous rug!! The coloring, the florals the lavender thorns, the Jane Austen name!! I do not hook, but am sincerely hoping you might make one for me as a customer? Do you do special orders?

    Sincerely, Anne Krush Cottage Grove, Oregon

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Your work gets more beautiful all the time, Karen. I love this and have it on my wish list …thanks for the guidance an how you hooked the border, too! Kerry


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  4. I have fallen in love with your Jane Austen rug! I’m not sure that I could do it justice, as you have. I’m wondering how do we find out about your teaching venues? I never seem to see anything til it’s over, like the one you did with Ali Strebel. I am currently working on your Santa design.


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