Free Little Leaf rug hooking pattern today

A few days ago I posted about how to make use of small scraps of linen backing fabric, and showed you this design on my frame. Here is my finished Little Leaf design.

As a thank you to my blog readers,
you may download and print the pattern by clicking here.

As I color planned this little piece, I wanted to create a flip image with the center line separating it. One side of the design would have a dark background and lighter value leaf, and the other side would be a light background with a darker leaf. I used my favorite color triad: orange, green, and purple.

Here you can see how I blended many colors that are close in value in each area I hooked. This creates more movement and interest.

I pressed the finished piece, trimmed the backing to 1″ and turned it under, flush to the hooking. Then I lightly sprayed the back with fabric adhesive. I use Dritz or 505 brand fabric adhesives. Make sure that you protect your other surfaces before you spray. Then I pressed the back of my piece onto a piece of felted wool that was larger than my hooked piece by at least 1″ all around. The adhesive works wonderfully as a temporary basting, holding it in place as you sew.

With the right side up, I then cut the backing wool so that it peeked out a bit further beyond the edge of my hooking– about 1/4″ beyond the finished edge. I used pinking shears on mine but you can use regular scissors.

For the stem handle I cut a 1″ X  5″ rectangle from the same wool. I rolled it up to make a long stem, and sewed it together along the length of it. When I finished, I sewed the raw ends together, and then securely sewed the handle/stem in place at the base of my leaf  between the last row of hooking and the wool backing.

Then I sewed the edges of the wool backing all around the hooking, sewing the 1/4″ overhang of wool to hug up against the last row of hooking hiding any backing underneath it. I used a primitive looking slash stitch.

I have used my piece as a hot pad. But I also can see this as a jewelry holder on a bureau, or hung as an art piece on the wall.

Have fun creating your Little Leaf ~ Karen

This design is protected under copyright law, and I have stipulated that this free pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. I also ask that you give me credit as the designer whenever you post a photo of it. Thank you for your readership and for supporting my work.


49 thoughts on “Free Little Leaf rug hooking pattern today

  1. Karen,
    This is lovely! By the way, I always love your inventive finishing techniques from this little project, to the way you finish your purses. I didn’t grow up sewing and your techniques are very intuitive and easy to follow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it, Karen! It may just be that special little gift I will always try to have on hand to give away… or even don a special package. I also love your innovative ways of finishing – and I am a thorough believer in using MANY different, same-value fabrics for movement. I am enjoying your blog so much! Thanks!


  3. Karen,
    I have so enjoyed your blog. The spiral chair mat was inspiring and now the little leaf pattern..Wouldn’t they make nice glass mats on a wooden dining table? Good gift for yourself or another.
    Nancy Lee


  4. Oh Karen I just love the leaf. And how kind of you to share so much of you and your talent. I also love the places we get to go and who we get to meet on the blog roll.
    Karen, you make remember I hook real wide and darker colors. Well I just finished your Antique Rose Runner with real color and even used 8’s. LOL. And it was much a wonderful lesson for me. And you for all that you those of us who come and visit daily. Pam Fogle st Louis


  5. Karen, when I click to get the pattern, I get a photo of the finished piece. Is there an actual black and white pattern that I am supposed to see?
    Jane in VT


  6. Love it! Your color choices are just luscious…. thanks for the download! I also have so enjoyed reading your posts on the use of neutrals. And……LOVE your sewing box collection! I received an old Whitman sampler candy box a friend found at a garage sale. It’s just full of wonderful old sewing notions, many of which I have already used. The box has “Jane” written on it, and it’s just soooo sweet. Also a little sad….. But I treasure it. I really enjoy your blog, Karen.


  7. Is anyone else having trouble downloading the pattern? When I click, it takes me to a partial photograph. I am using a Mac – could that be the problem?


  8. Hmmm, I can’t seem to find the link to the free pattern. I love the idea of reversing the color scheme, every time I see someone do it I think to myself “I really need to remember that”…I’m sure you can guess that I seem to forget. Thanks Karen for your insightful blog.


  9. Karen,
    I am so grateful you are sharing these wonderful projects with us and inspiring us to try these different finishing techniques and use the wool in such an artful way! Your generosity is much appreciated!! I am going to just now get a spiral design drawn and hope to start on that soon….. I’ve been agonizing because I haven’t had a spare moment and I want to hook it so badly!! NOW another project that I HaVE to try!! I’m so glad I can go back and check the archives!! Sweet blessings to you Karen and thank-you again for all the creative energies you are sending forth!
    Cathy G


  10. Thank you Karen for your little leaf pattern. I so enjoy your blog. Your ideas are very inovative and I also enjoy the way you finish your project. Always something to learn with you.
    Thanks again and have a good weekend.


  11. Thank you, Karen, for the sweet little leaf pattern. I love it! Thank you for sharing your work and inspiring ideas with us.

    Barbara from Cumming, GA


  12. I adore your leaf pattern and your blog is one of my favorites. I got your Vintage dye book and samples and have had so much fun dyeing wool. I love your tips on finishing (I wish I knew some of this before doing it “my way”!) Your idea about sewing the smaller backing onto other fabric to fit in the frame will come in handy for so many things! Thank you again and your generosity in sharing your talent is much appreciated!!!


  13. Thanks for sharing the 2012 data as it took me back to this lesson and pattern! I made three of the purses for holiday gifts and really like this one for next year’s presents! Many of my friends know that I make rugs but do not understand the absolute addiction that it can become! I knew that I wanted to share a smaller hooked item with them and when these patterns came along, it really was so timely!
    Happiest New Year’s to you, Karen!


  14. Hi,
    I just came across your blog and the lovely little leaf pattern you have shared. I’d like to try making this but I’m not sure exactly what materials I would need to do so. Could you possibly direct me to how to get started and what materials you used? I’m assuming I would need strips of wool but didn’t know if yarn would work? I’m sorry for so many questions. It’s such a sweet leaf and I love the colors. I’d thought I’d attempt to make this but just don’t know how to begin.
    Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I’m glad I found your blog. You’re very talented.


    • ann, welcome to the world of rug hooking! thanks for your comment. there are some wonderful resources out there for learning rug hooking. rug hooking magazine is one: . here is a link that you might enjoy: enjoy the free pattern, karen


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