A hankering for crafting

A now a brief word from out sponsor! Just because it is the holiday weekend doesn’t mean we crafters have to do without. Remember that you can get a PDF instant Continue reading


Jute + Crochet = Fun Bag

DSCF1006A week later and I have made another crochet bag. Often one is not enough! Since I have been using leftover linen and cotton yarns, I still had plenty to play with. For this bag I wanted a stiffer tote that would stand up  and not collapse as much. To this end, I made 3 major changes to the bag design. Instead of double crochet, I used sturdier single crochet. I did not stop and start each row which makes a complete circle, instead I used a spiral. I chose the spiral so that I could crochet over a jute twine. Continue reading

Punch hooking a rose rug

on the frameI love to punch hook, and one of my designs for 2013, Madame Odier, was done with this technique. When you punch hook, you are working on the back of the rug and everything will be in reverse on the right side. I find it to be a freeing technique, as you can’t see the finished side as you work, so you become more adventurous and daring. Continue reading

Keeping a record of your work with a journalling tag

I love to be organized and I had fun making these wool tags to journal my completed rug design. I have been meaning to keep a record of my wools, but never had an inspiration for compiling them. A while ago I coffee stained a batch of large tags, and thought that they would be the perfect backdrop for stapling my wools. I used small 1″ X 2″ or so pieces of wool. For this rug I used 4 tags and stapled them in tiers on one side of each tag. Continue reading