Some highlights from the past


You may have noticed that I have added a new page above in my menu strip called “Best Posts”. On this new page I have links to what I consider to be some of the best
posts on my blog.
That way you might find a hidden treasure without having to searchred6through all the months and years that I have been
writing. You can click on this easy to find page anytime you want to read another post. I will update it occasionally to make it a fresher experience. To go to the posts just click on the title.

Here are my my current best of choices:

Hook a spiral chairpad with me – 1st in the series

Ice Dyeing

Punch hooking a rose rug

Free Little Leaf pattern

What I have learned about having a studio space

Pull up a chair and hook with me today

Jute + Crochet = Fun Bag

A glimpse into Olive Rose folk art doll studio

Into the holiday season with Pinterest

Hint for knitting a repeated pattern

My happy crochet memory gave me an inspiration

Remembering the ghosts that passed this way



What do you think? What are your favorite posts? What do you enjoy reading about the most on my blog?

Thank you for your readership!

Have a creative day, Karen


8 thoughts on “Some highlights from the past

  1. I always enjoy your posts as a new rug hooker they are always helpful. Do you think someday you and Ali can hold a workshop here in Eugene instead of you always going to her town?


  2. I enjoy many things abut your post, such as the comments you make and the projects you create that inspire others (and me) to keep creating. What I enjoy the most is seeing your own unique style and marveling at the work you do. Your Jane Austen rug is a good example of this. I admire the beauty and the work of it, all the while knowing that I could never come up with something like it. Reading about and viewing the work of others spurs me on to discovering a style of my own. Thanks!


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