Finishing Seaweed in my easy chair

Now that I have finished hooking Seaweed, I take the time to steam press it with an iron. This rug is small and fits on my ironing board to do this job. I am pressing from the back.

Next I am preparing the piece to be bound with a crochet edge finish. I trim the edges to a generous inch or so, and fold them in half twice toward the front, and pin them in place. I will not go into detail on the crochet edge process as I have done so on my Flickr page with detailed photos. To see them click HERE.

For my design I picked a warm brown wool in an 8 cut (1/4″ wide) for the crochet finish. You could also use wool yarn if you want to crochet with that. I have not used yarn because I like the look of using my wool strips.

Seaweed is ready for its last stage of finishing, ready for me to work on the crochet edge whenever I get a moment to sit in my easy chair.

I look forward to that time!

Busy, busy fingers never rest!

I hope you have enjoyed this design as much as I have enjoyed hooking it.

I will display it when it is complete ~ Karen


9 thoughts on “Finishing Seaweed in my easy chair

  1. Would you ever consider putting the long strips of wool for crocheting the edge in your etsy store? I bought some from you at a workshop and they worked great!


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