Add some color to your creative day

I find that it is important to me to be surrounded by the colors I love. It makes me feel more creative, more cozy, more grounded.

I love noticing how colors interact with one another. When I created this yarn, I was astounded at how it echoed the colors in these fabrics that I found in a box in the attic.

Seeing beautiful colors together gives me ideas for blending colors.

Everywhere I go, I am drawn to beautiful colors, and the wonderful texture of fibers.

Fibers intermingle on my worktable, and even the color of my worktable helps to bring out the beauty of other colors.

Need a color fix? In my experience, making more colorful fabrics is a sure pathway to inspiration.

The magic and adventure of dyeing fabric takes me to a dreamy place of expanding possibilities.

And I think, how have I done without this new melange of hues?

Being known as a colorful character takes on a new meaning! Surely it describes the way I think of myself.

Hug a color today, Karen

11 thoughts on “Add some color to your creative day

  1. enjoyed your new blog nov. 19th been a while since we have heard from you. it starts my day at 630 in am. makes me want to just spend my day knitting or doing my rug hooking in my den forget all other chores for today!!! regards, linda K.


  2. lov, lov the colour talk on todays post! My fav colour is yellow & I look for it everywhere & what goes along with it. thanks for the post!



    • and i have been painting some creamy-yellow-and ochre shelves for my kitchen. sets off my aquas in a lovely way. i believe that yellow was a favorite of vincent van gogh! check out his painting of his bedroom!


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