Colorful wool shipment in progress

DSCF1003Wool wool wool! My Color Inspiration rug hooking class is coming up in a couple of weeks, and wool is everywhere!

DSCF1005I will be mailing at least 8 boxes of wool, rugs, patterns, and assorted class items for sale.

DSCF1007Everyone will have plenty of wool to work with, getting to try my methods of color blending and experience my primitive color palette.

DSCF1006I always feel energized and inspired when I see all of my class colors piled in my studio.

DSCF1004I hope that my students will feel the same way when they come to class.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen







22 thoughts on “Colorful wool shipment in progress

  1. Good Morning,

    I love the colors you use in your work. What an inspiration !
    I see that you will be in Ohio this fall with Ali Strebel of Kindred Spirits. I hope to attend that workshop and work with you there.


    • Yes, me too. I looked over your beautiful website but could not find your class dates. Your work is so enchanting, thank you.


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  4. I want it all!!!! Do you have two new patterns in that shipment? One with houses and another with stems and flowers? Love the designs and wools you used in those.


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