Finishing my Tipp City rug

DSCF1046After I am finished hooking a rug, I steam press it from the back. But first I trim the threads from the looser woven wools. This is important to do, as you don’t want these threads catching on something, and pulling more of the wool out. I carefully lift each strand and trim them close to the hooking on the back.

DSCF1049Then I trim the linen to a generous inch or so and then double fold it toward the front of the design. I am getting ready to single crochet the binding.

DSCF1048I lay the long strips for crocheting along the edges to see how I like the colors. I pick colors that enhance the colors in the rug, and often pick wools that I have not hooked in the design. I try to find several variations of a color. I am going for an antique black look, as I think that it would frame this design, bringing the eye to the center motif.

DSCF1056T-pins are perfect for pinning the edges, being long and strong.

DSCF1058The crocheting completely covers the backing fabric, and is finished on both the front and the back of the rug.

DSCF1053Looking forward to seeing all of you who will be in the Ohio class. This rug has been specially designed for this class and will be completely unveiled there. I will have it on display afterward for all to see.

Happy crafting ~ Karen


12 thoughts on “Finishing my Tipp City rug

  1. Love the border but not quite sure how you did it….would love to come to your class but being in Canada would be a long trip…happy hooking…I really enjoy your blog..


  2. Karen…I’ve never heard of crocheting the edges. I haven’t been reading your blog for that long so I didn’t realize how you finish your rugs. Could you show in detail how this is done sometime??? Thanks.


  3. I love the idea of crocheting the edge with the wool strips. How long are the strips, what happens when you have to join another strip?


  4. Am I misunderstanding – where is the video where I can see the whole rug? It looks lovely but I want to see more – thanks – I love your finishing technique but I don’t get how to do single crochet at the edge – not getting much today lol. be well


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