A dreamy day to rug hook

For today’s design I am reaching up to the pink and yellow colored wools to hook with.

I am working on a new design for next year’s catalog. Here is a sneak peek of the honey bee. I love blending all the different pink colors. Such a summery feeling to these tints!

This spot by my window is a dreamy, sunny place that inspired me to pull up a chair and hook.

I love this design and it seems to be coming together quickly.

My wish for you is that you find an inviting place in a comfy chair, and take some time to create with color.

Find your muse ~ Karen

8 thoughts on “A dreamy day to rug hook

  1. Can’t wait to see this completed. I love the wat it is coming along. The grey-goldy yellow outline?? What is it called? I would like to buy some of it if you have it on Esty. Let me know. I love it.. Love the bee!!


    • that actually is several different wools from my strip pile. but i do have one wool called Animal which comes close to the look. it does have touches of coppery brown in it also, which i did hook into the bee outline.


  2. Do you have an estimated date for the the catalog release? I have a class in November and am starting to think about buying a pattern…love the bee!


    • i always try to have the catalog out sometime in January, but sometimes it goes a bit later. release for the pattern won’t be until then. check out my catalog for many other designs. you can download the whole thing on primitivespirit.etsy.com


    • i love darks, too! they are so primitive and evocative. i go back and forth with colors, sometimes doing a dark piece and next doing a light piece. no method, only madness! thanks for commenting.


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