Into the holiday season with Pinterest

It is easy to get into the holiday mood on Pinterest. Pinterest is like an online inspiration file that you create for yourself. When you are surfing the web, you can pin images to your pinterest page. That way you can revisit them, or simply see them in one easy place. Here are some inspiring images that I have pinned to my Christmas Mood board. All of them that take me to a serene place, the kind of place I want this time of year. All of these images are from different blogs across the world.

Evocative images sweep me away to a holiday dream scape!

Thanks for looking at my compilation. Remember to make this holiday beautiful for you.

Have a creative day, Karen

16 thoughts on “Into the holiday season with Pinterest

  1. Hi Karen!
    I get my pinterest fix usually right before bed at night. I saw some of your beauties, and even repinned that lovely cozy shot of the girl in the chair with her knitting surrounded by books. HEAVEN!



  2. Karen,
    Thanks so much for sharing with us such wonderful images of Christmas–I haven’t tried Pinterest yet–guess now I’ll investigate further! what a great way to save inspiring pics. Thanks!


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  5. How did you make the twine/pearl garland around the glass candle holders, with the sticks and photo? I am hoping to my for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. I am not very crafty though!! I’m an accountant! LOL Thank you!


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