blending colorful fiber with carders

wool cupboard

I am enjoying a colorful day of blending wool fibers for a crochet project.

fiber close upThis stash is from and is a blending of merino and silk. I love this combination and use it for making yarns that I wear next to my skin. As you can see I have a nice selection of colors. This makes it easy to create new colors as well as make my own colorways for spinning.

boxes and carder

The inspiration for my new yarns is taken from my vintage candy tins. I was immediately taken with the lovely colors on the boxes and could see that they would go with my wardrobe. I found a crochet scarf/shawlette pattern that I wanted to use for this project. Since it was a variation on the granny square, it meant that I would need small amounts of a variety of colors in a laceweight yarn. This meant I would be spinning less than an ounce of many colors. To blend wool I decided to use a hand carder.

carder 1

Using one hand carder, I pulled the fibers down the teeth, holding the tips at the top as I pulled and distributed the wool.

carder 2

The next color was done on top of the yellow. Any successive colors were done in the same way.

carder 3Then I released the fiber by pulling up from the bottom. The wool lifts off in one piece.

carder4Then I roll it up and decide if I want to blend it over again, or just pull or attenuate it to make it into a roving to spin.

carder 5Here it is attenuated, reading for spinning.

drum carder 1For a bit larger amounts, I can blend the fiber on the larger drum of my drum carder, using just a small footprint to blend the wool colors. Here I am only using about a 2″ width. I feed the wool right onto the drum, and pull it off as usual.

carded fiber for brownsThese fibers will all be spun into a 2 ply yarn that will be a bronzed brown color.

yarn brownsHere is the finished yarn. I was trying to emulate the metallic edging color on my candy box, and this wool had to capture the highlights and the shadows.

tin top with yarnHere are more of the wools that I have finished for my crochet scarf. More to show you on the crochet part soon.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


23 thoughts on “blending colorful fiber with carders

  1. Oh wow, I really appreciate hand spun yarn even more now. I had no idea there were so many steps in creating beauty. Can’t wait to see more of your project. Thanks for sharing and educating.


  2. I’m learning so much. Love the colours. When do you find time to do everything? With working fulltime I’m tired when I get home and not motivated to do much!


  3. Karen, I love to read your posts. I don’t spin, but am mesmerized by your work. Where did you learn to spin? Your yarn matches your tin box perfectly. I can’t wait to see what you crochet.


  4. What a beautiful color inspiration. It’s so amazing to see this form of color blending. I don’t crochet,( except around rugs, not even that well). But you make me want to learn. And now I want to start at the beginning with the carding and spinning. Thanks for sharing. Mo


    • spinning, like many other fiber arts, means touching wool and enjoying the beauty of it color, either natural or hand dyed. carding is an art in itself, and gives you a chance to blend and create colors and wool batts that are fun to spin. i bet that you have a spinner’s community in your area in which to learn. otherwise, here in eugene we have ETC, the eugene textile center where there are lots of classes and supplies! dive in!


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