To trash it, or not to trash it? That is the question.

I did not take a before picture and I really should have. The truth is, I really did not think that there would be an after picture for this old drafting table. I was ready to throw it into the garbage.

The table was dismantled, and the pieces did not look promising. The top had a raised patch from being stored in a leaky shed for 8 years. The wood was a dowdy old brown stain job. Depressing! And besides, the top was 5 inches too deep for my space. But the men folk insisted that they could cut the size of the top and glue down the raised spot so that we could flip it over and use the other side as my work area. I was going to paint it anyway, right? I humored them, all the while in my mind’s eye thinking of dumpsters filled with drafting tables parts and helpful men folk.

Well, the patching part went fine, but what about the dowdy wood? I got out my Martha Stewart Sharkey Grey paint and slathered it on. I threw a few droplets of other colors here and there for my faux-finish and sanded some of the edges to make it look used. I let it dry overnight, feeling better about it, but not sure how this jumble of painted parts would all come together.

The next morning things were looking up. I added some Briwax as a finish coat and started to feel that there were some possibilities here. We put the table together in my workroom.

What a delightful work table! It is waist height so I can stand and work which I love. I have 2 big drawers to stuff with all kinds of clutter.

And you might notice the window trim, which my son Nate finished as per Mom’s specifications. The nice ledge for vintage things or plants. On top of the old filing cabinet I have white Ikea storage boxes and an Anthropologie paper bag. I am so inspired by my chic vintage desk.

My sincere apologies to helpful men folk everywhere!

Smiles ~ Karen

21 thoughts on “To trash it, or not to trash it? That is the question.

  1. Observations ~ I see one of your helpful men folk in the background (still looking ‘helpful’) and I am curious as to how many phones does a rug hooker need??? By the way ~ the desk turned out great ~ definitely not dumpster worthy!! Love your posts, Karen!


  2. It’s a gorgeous table and a peaceful place to relax! Kudos to the menfolk and praise to you too for going along with it and adding just the right finishing touches!


  3. This is exactly why sometimes we continue to walk around things, pile things on top, refuse to part, someday we know why, this was that day for this wonderful drafting table…how perfect for your workstation, and as great job by the menfolk.


  4. The men folk surprise us with their visions of seeing something more than trash and realize that with your talent of making something out of nothing. This story sounds familiar, one mans trash a woman’s treasure, or beauty in the eyes of the beholder…


  5. Love the reuse of your desk. I especially noticed the file cabinet because it is exactly like the one my husband dragged home and I wanted him to get rid of it! Hmmm, I am re-thinking this now after seeing how nice it looks in your room!


  6. This is the sort of post I just love! It’s so great and inspiring to see how the old worn out things can be transformed into something wonderful. My husband came home with a small old wooden file cabinet for me to put paperwork in. I modgepodged wonderful crafting paper onto the whole thing in a collage fashion. The paper was new, but very old looking. Lots of anitque reds, browns, and such. I simply love it now, and mostly because I thought it was ugly to start with. Your new spot is so organized and charming. I love the way your desk turned out and all your vintage touches…….


  7. Where to you get Briwax, is it a oil stain I haven’t heard of it. Love the table and I have my mothers canning jars and I have to thread and bottoms in them for the sewing and bath I put sea salt etc.


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