Pull up a chair and hook with me today

Thanks for stopping by today. Here’s a comfy chair for you to sit in with me by the garden window in my studio. I am working on finishing my latest hooked rug. Undoubtedly you have a project to work on, so let’s enjoy some hooking time. What project are you working on?

I do tend to take up a lot of space when I hook. And when that is not enough, I keep pulling out more colors!

This is my worm bin, full of colorful wooly worms. I have to spread it all out to scratch through it like a chicken! How do you handle your colors? Sometimes those wool strips do get unruly.

Speaking of worms, there are some in my design! Each one is hooked using a variegated hand dye or marbleized strip of wool. The background is filled with different browns which I blend together to get a mottled look. I love all of the slight changes in color that makes a background fun to hook.

I am always excited to finish a project and to see the completion of my dream. There is always some tweaking that happens after everything is hooked. The tweaks are a very important part of the process. A few changes can make a huge difference in the overall effect. This design will be for next year’s catalog. I am giving you some edges and angles, but I will only let you see it all in January of 2013. Or whenever I finish the catalog!

Thanks for joining me ~ Karen


22 thoughts on “Pull up a chair and hook with me today

  1. I too love your worm tray! But I’m also thinking what a comfy chair you have set out for visitors! Wish I were close enough to drop by! Your studio looks so inviting, love all the windows, if I could I’d come spend the day.


  2. Oh what a lovely studio, the worm cart is great and I love your suitcase collection as well. Wish I could come hook with you. ~ enjoy


  3. Thanks for the invitation…you have inspired me to look for a new chair to sit in while hooking. Yours looks comfortable and fun!


  4. Your new rug looks so pretty I’m looking forward to seeing it completed. Your cuts look large and interesting. What size are you using. Thanks


  5. There is something so soothing just looking at a hooking studio, I don’t know if it’s because it’s a creative space but I find it very pleasing to see. Thanks for inviting us and have a nice week (-:


    • find a rug hooking group to join or an online rug hooking group. read everything you can, read all of my rug hooking posts. and don’t give up! remember to have fun! your first piece may not be your best, so keep going!


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  7. These are old comments and compliments and l love every one of them. Karen are you the dear person who sells long, long wool strips for crocheting edges? If so please email me and tell me everything.


    • hi lynmarie, i used to sell them, yes. you can make your own by buying 3 or 4 yards of wool and cutting a swath 6 or 8 inches wide lengthwise, running that thru your cutting machine to get 3 yard long strips.


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