Lavender love

Here in Oregon the lavender is in full bloom.

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs so I have lavender growing everywhere.

And since I have many varieties of lavender in my gardens, I have been enjoying their fragrance and beauty, and taking time to harvest them in bundles to dry.

I can then use them for bouquets, gifts, and other crafts. I love how they look hanging to dry! Continue reading

Spinning with the summer sun

garden pathSometimes when the weather is perfect, friends gather for a garden party. Today we spinners are meeting at Lu’s garden. It is such an inspiring place, full of flowers and vegetables and bunnies. Breathe deeply and take in the aroma of the Corsican mint beneath your feet. Small wonders and simple pleasures are on today’s menu. Continue reading

Color inspiration is ready to pick in my garden today

Color inspiration is ready to pick in my garden today as the berries are ripe. Here is one of my very favorite color combinations: red and green. Complementary colors, they enliven each other. And you can really see this fact here in my raspberry patch. I can barely keep up with picking fruit, a happy problem to have! We also have blueberries, marion berries, and rhubarb coming on. Continue reading

Welcome Spring!

I am quite a fan of children’s picture books, and one of my favorites is Alice and Martin Provensen’s A Book of Seasons. It is a charming little paperback that I used to read to my boys when they were small. Here are two of my favorite illustrations from the book.

To me these little paintings capture the magic of springtime as I remember as a child. Continue reading